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Millenary secrets of the Japanese

There is a fundamental difference between the concept of oriental and western beauty. While in the East it is intended to improve the quality of the body in itself, in the West its state is measured and action is taken against specific situations that do not attack the problem of origin (wrinkles, flaccidity, cellulite, etc.). For this reason, in countries such as Japan, it seeks to reach beauty through a “healthy” skin that is in turn a reflection of good health.

  • Feeding
    Good nutrition is a fundamental part of having healthy skin and good health. The usual diet of the Japanese consists of a large amount of green tea, vegetables, fish and seafood, as well as a low consumption of carbohydrates, so their levels of obesity and coronary heart disease are among the lowest in the world.
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  • The cleanliness of the face and skin
    For the Japanese in particular, facial cleansing is essential for the health of their skin, most of them use cleaning agents and tonics, the latter in particular consider it one of the essential cosmetics to cleanse and balance the skin; however, the tonics they use do not contain alcohol. In fact many Japanese use rice water as a tonic, since it has astringent properties ideal for controlling fat, in addition to moisturizing and moisturizing the skin.

  • Protect yourself from the sun 
    One of the most important characteristics of the ideal of Japanese beauty is a white skin and without spots, it is for this reason that the use of sunscreens still under shade, as well as sunshades to protect from the sun, is common in any season of the year, even if you’re not on the beach.

  • Eishodo 
    It is a Japanese facial massage that emerged with Oriental royalty in 1472 and symbolizes the “path to the fountain of eternal youth” that uses pressure digits at key points of energy to activate the nerves and subcutaneous muscles, improving blood flow in face.

  • Camellia oil
    Geishas use camellia oil to remove makeup from the face and cleanse their skin of impurities. The oil is high in fatty acids that are absorbed quickly and are easily tolerated, which support the skin barrier and promote the synthesis of collagen. The benefits of this oil have already been recognized in the West, so that it has been included as an essential ingredient in many commercial beauty products.

This oil is also applied to damp hair as a conditioner to prevent dryness and split ends.

In general, we can say that maintaining an adequate diet and good hydration and rest will make a difference that will be reflected in the skin.

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