Our founders

Our founders

Alejandro López Tello
CEO and President of Sanki Global

Alejandro is a chemical engineer from the UNAM with executive education in business entrepreneurship and risk capital from the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM). It has specialized courses taught by the Universities of Stanford, Georgetown, Berkeley, Notre Dame and Michigan.

He was distinguished with several academic awards such as the Gabino Barreda Medal and recognized nationally.

He was also distinguished in 2009 by Revista Expansión as the Entrepreneur of the year. He was also speaker of Expo Management 2011 and has been interviewed in different TV and radio programs nationwide.
He has sixteen years of experience in marketing, strategic planning, development and launching businesses. Today he is Founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Director of Sanki Global.

Dr. Bejit Edeas
Scientific Director of Sanki Mayor

As a specialist in clinical trials and with his extensive experience, Dr. Edeas is an expert in the development of medical and nutritional formulas that demonstrate with clinically proven success. These studies and scientific developments have been proven in fields such as beauty, health, and nutrition. Doctor Bejit Edeas also has an important participation in conferences of Vitafoods in Asia and Europe.

Sanki Mayor’s team, headed by Doctor Bejit Edeas, dedicates its resources to developing health and well-being formulas in foods, beverages and food supplements with proven efficacy.

Gert Müller
Co-Founder of Sanki Global and Commercial Vice President of Sanki Latin America

He has a Law Degree and was a public official on two occasions for the Government and Municipality of the State of Querétaro. Later, he got to know the world of Network Marketing thanks to his brother Ensy.

His life is governed by 3 principles that he considers key to succeed in life:

Conquering oneself: You can not change our environment if we do not change ourselves: we refine our philosophy, we acquire disciplines and we take action.
Service: The only way for a life to be worthwhile is to give yourself to others with genuine and authentic interest.
Build others: When you build the person, they can build anything, and this formation is one of the most precious gifts of the heart.

Gert works hand in hand with the Bienestarios de Sanki, contributing significantly to the growth and continuous improvement of the organization.

Ensy Müller
Co-Founder of Sanki Global, Director of Strategic Planning and Business Intelligence

Ensy has put all his knowledge in the Network Marketing industry. His experience as an independent distributor and his professional development in industrial production has helped him to develop Sanki’s Integral Welfare Program. He defines himself as a, “Seeker.” He has spent many years in the study and teaching of philosophies of the spirit and ancestral cultures that define “being.” This has influenced Sanki’s business model to promote integral well-being based in the creation of abundance as a result of professional development, personal and spiritual growth.