The Samurai Code

The Samurai Code

The seven virtues of the Bushido Code have been handed down from generation to generation since 1516. Sanki is loyal to these values.

GI : Justice and honesty 

For a samurai there are no grey areas when it comes to honesty and justice, there is only right and wrong.

YU : Courage 

A samurai must have heroic courage. To have courage is to live life fully. But heroic courage is intelligent and replaces fear with respect and caution.

JIN : Benevolence 

A samurai develops a power so great that it must be used only for the good of all, with compassion and surrender.

REI : Respect 

A samurai should never be cruel, but always courteous and show respect towards his opponent.

MEIYO : Honor 

The decisions that a samurai takes are a reflection of who he really is, so he must always act on his honor.

MAKOTO : Honesty and absolute sincerity 

For a samurai, “speaking” and “doing” are the same action. Without promising, the act of speaking has set in motion the act of doing.

CHUUGI : Loyalty 

A samurai is always loyal to those under his care, and his word remains as a mark in the path of those who protect and guide.