Clinical Trials? Yes. Science? Definitely.


We are committed to health, transparency, and sustainability. Our goal is increasing basic human happiness. This commitment means investing in science, not hype. Each of our products have gone through extensive clinical trials and testing (never on animals). This process takes years and costs millions of dollars. Our ethical code and dedication to you necessitates this level of dedication.

While the language might be scientific, we feel that making these materials available to every potential member of our family is important. We invite you to read through the science behind our synergistically formulated products of the highest quality.

The clinical and scientific studies of Belage™, Kronuit™ and Inner7™ are published in the following versions of scientific periodicals: Vademécum IPE, PLM Latina and P.R. Vademécum. Our products are Kosher certified as well. The Kosher seal was awarded by the Certification Agency for food, beverages, and raw materials, with a tradition in the market that dates back to the middle of the 20th century. They have also been endorsed by the BSCG as products that do contain nor generate doping in high-performance athletes. Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG) supports worldwide that products are safe for high-performance athletes.

View the Studies Here:

Orisod Enzyme Research Manual (BelAge™)

ONR Research Manual (Kronuit Fire™)

Inner7 Research Manual