At Sanki Global™ our mission is “to be a force of well-being in the world so that you can evolve without limits and achieve your life’s purpose”. We are inspired by you and therefore we serve our mission simply by basing the work we do on a service attitude called Omotenashi. Omotenashi is an artful approach to the craft of receiving guests, anticipating their every need. Omotenashi also means serving without expecting anything in return. We’re here to serve you!


At Sanki™ we know there is a need to raise the consciousness of humanity so that it values health, well-being, and happiness through preventative care. We want humanity to renew their Intelligent Force and be who they were born to be. Intelligent Force is simply your natural instinct to recover and succeed, it allowed us to evolve among the species, to become the dominant beings. It is the natural state that we moved away from with our contemporary lifestyle. Renewing this natural state is based on developing Intelligent Energy, which is the basis for all Sanki products.


We also believe that people require self-discipline, courage, and values to achieve their goals. Because of this, we are inspired by the Bushido. The Bushido code, also known as the Samurai code, has many origins but it is a timeless system of 7 virtues that can be dated back to the Kamakura period of the 12th century. Though the depths of this code can be immense, you may find the brevity of their teachings as;

Bushido CODE:








Here at Sanki™, we use both the Bushido and Omotenashi service to drive our mission and vision. We use these eastern ideologies in correlation with our culture and strategy to service of others since we firmly believe in humanity and its importance in turning the world into a place of healthy and cheerful people who deliver wisdom; understanding this sustainable happiness is fundamental to having a long and healthy life.