About Sanki

About Sanki


The origins of Sanki and our name come from Japan. The meaning of our name is the link between San (respect to highest degree) and Ki, (vital energy).

It is the sum of balance, purity, technology and wellbeing. If you are well, your world is as well!



Omotenashi is a Japanese word that symbolizes hospitality and honesty. It means to serve without expecting anything in return. It implies a harmonious agreement that seeks and anticipates the needs of customers, which we aim to exemplify every day.


We are committed to health, transparency, and sustainability. Our goal is increasing basic human happiness. This commitment means investing in science, not hype. Each of our products have gone through extensive clinical trials and testing (never on animals). This process takes years and costs millions of dollars. Our ethical code and dedication to you necessitates this level of dedication.

To ensure the absolute highest quality possible, Sanki owns, manages, and directs every aspect of our production. This ranges from our beautiful olive and rosemary groves in Spain to our laboratories in Japan. We truly are from farm to table, while utilizing the most advanced technology available.

The need is clear: One person in two is now projected to develop cancer. This is the first generation in history projected to live shorter lifespans than their parents. We want to change that. We are changing that.

Sanki is a global leader in nutricellular products developed using nano-technology and advanced processes such as green fermentation. These patented and clinically studied products are more bio-available and effective. The results are a healthier, happier you, down to a cellular level. Read more here, including the clinical studies and technical documents for Belage™, Kronuit™ and INNER7™


Sanki began as a dream to bring the highest quality nutrition to people worldwide who understood the value and importance of it. Through the meeting of two visionaries, engineer Alex Tello and Dr. Bejit Edeas, Sanki was born.

Sanki is a globally trusted company dedicated to promoting health, wellness, and longevity. As a network marketing company we are not shifting the paradigm, we are revolutionizing it. We chose this business model for the advantages of this business structure. This allows us to help improve the health of the maximum number of people, create stronger social bonds, increase social interaction, and allow people to rapidly improve their health, wellness, and what we call their “Intelligent Force.” If you are in the Las Vegas area we encourage you to drop by and see us and experience omotenashi first hand. We are real people, and we really care about what we we do.

We are coming from a mindset of empowerment and abundance, not fear. Operationally we are dedicated to transparency, sustainability, and the well being of our world. We are members of the Direct Selling Association, which has strict guidelines and verifications to ensure honesty and integrity. We are the network for change, health, and longevity.


To increase basic human happiness, through awakening our inner Intelligent Force.

What allows a person to achieve great things? What brings us back up after we fall down? What drives perseverance? We call it the Intelligent Force. This is the force behind empowerment, greatness, and living our dreams. For us, it begins with you feeling better, looking better, and living better. Sanki embodies the importance of believing in ourselves as people whom seek purpose. We constantly are striving to find the right alignments to achieve that purpose.

We take pride in helping not only our customers, but our distributors as well. Everyone should believe in the possibility of achieving their dreams. As the company that is revolutionizing the network marketing industry, we strive to offer possibilities for independence, quality time, economic stability, health and wellbeing.

The seven virtues of the Samurai Code have been handed down from generation to generation since 1516. Sanki is loyal to these values.

GI : Justice and honesty

For a samurai there are no grey areas when it comes to honesty and justice, there is only right and wrong.

YU : Courage

A samurai must have heroic courage. To have courage is to live life fully. But heroic courage is intelligent and replaces fear with respect and caution.

JIN : Benevolence

A samurai develops a power so great that it must be used only for the good of all, with compassion and surrender.

REI : Respect

A samurai should never be cruel, but always courteous and show respect towards his opponent.

MEIYO : Honor

The decisions that a samurai takes are a reflection of who he really is, so he must always act on his honor.

MAKOTO : Honesty and absolute sincerity

For a samurai, “speaking” and “doing” are the same action. Without promising, the act of speaking has set in motion the act of doing.

CHUUGI : Loyalty

A samurai is always loyal to those under his care, and his word remains as a mark in the path of those who protect and guide.