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Sanki 10D Nutrition Plan™ Vanilla

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It is a product system that will allow you to transform your body in 10 days thanks to our 4 products made with Japanese technology that use nutrigenomics and biotechnology to solve, among other things, everyday problems and thus improve your quality of life:

  • HAVE more energy.
  • ACHIEVE the silhouette you want.
  • GET restful sleep.
  • IMPROVE your intestinal function.

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SANKI 10D NUTRITION PLAN™ is the consequence of more than 40 years of research at the Sanki Mayor™ laboratories in Tokyo, Japan, which resulted in a unique nutrition plan with Nano-biotechnology and nutrigenomics so that in 10 days you start to have incredible results throughout your body.

Our Plan is the maximum conquest in nutrition at the cellular level by bringing together 4 products with the latest generation patented technology: BelAge™, Kronuit Fire™, Inner7™ and Hasaki™. Transform your body from the first day from the inside out so that you achieve a new lifestyle for you and your family and friends.


We want the world to forget about diets and miracle products that promise to improve health and restore that much-desired silhouette. A good diet guarantees nutrition at the cellular level as well as a long life, making 60 the new 40! THE SANKI 10D NUTRITION PLAN™ will help you look and feel better, from the inside out, to transform your diet and thus achieve a different lifestyle that allows you to achieve your dreams and live a good, long life.


You will find in a single package the technology, the benefits of our 4 products that are complemented by a diet plan and easy exercises to do in your home or office.

SANKI 10D NUTRITION PLAN™ was developed with Japanese technology that integrates the correct nutrients that your body needs to self-regenerate its Intelligent Force, thus restoring its interior and exterior beauty, so that you achieve extraordinary things.


Remember that healthy eating and our technology will help fill your body with vitality.

The benefits of our products can vary from person to person, depending on their age, sex, lifestyle, among other factors.

These products are not medications.

Nutritional supplement 

Sanki Global does not make any medical claims, or state or imply that any Product is formulated, designed or approved by the Company or any regulatory authority to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.