OUR PURPOSE - Sanki Global
Unveiling for Sanki Inauguration February 23, 2010


Sanki was founded in 2010 to bring awareness of our capacity to rise and lead when we have a true purpose. We bear in mind our responsibility as leaders to guide our community with the values that characterize us. 

Unveiling for Sanki Inauguration February 23, 2010

Our main mission is “to be a force of well-being dedicated to help you evolve without limits in order to achieve your life´s purpose”.

We are driven by our unique mission and pure purpose to provide advanced solutions to humanity. As leaders, we know our responsibility to create an environment of transformation and transcendence, strengthening the internal wealth that is created with the “Intelligent force” of each one of us. 

We must remember our sense of belonging, since the Sanki community is a great family that comes together and forms a whole; what one does affects us all. Sanki is not about individuality, a brand, or a company; it is about motivating to improve the quality of life in a sustainable way. We want to be a community-driven organization where we must show tolerance, humility, and kindness in everything we do.

The most important and valuable thing is time

This concept is aligned with the quality of life and the time to be productive to achieve our goals and purposes in life. We can make time a lifestyle that transforms, since the time that is invested day-to-day makes great changes in life. Our approach is to invest the time in something worthwhile.

Time of quality

We must have a quality life, we are at the point to buy more time, since time is invaluable and determines our future. Managing time is not only related to how we distribute the hours of the day, but to how to do it effectively so that we can be productive in our lives, and this affects the performance of our activities.

Stay powerful / Not born yesterday

Sanki has been on the market for 11 years, where the general outlook is that most companies close after three years. We must bear in mind that we were not born yesterday, we started from scratch, and now we have a decade of effort, dedication and achievements.

Women empowerment

We believe that it is valuable to show the evolution and transformation of women. We want to be the vehicle for this process of development and well-being, providing entrepreneurship opportunities. Motivating women to consider their independence and leadership, through entrepreneurship, is the purpose that moves us every day.

Kindness, intelligence, and “Make today count”

These three elements are the basis of our values that determine courage, intelligence, credibility, and love. They express our main characteristic of being a brand that cares and is committed. Each of the words, actions, and projections of which we are part of the community, are a reflection of discipline, perseverance, courage, and passion that moves Sanki.