Dr. David Alcántar

Dr. David Alcántar from Guadalajara, Jalisco. “Value the time you invest in your work, and the quality of health that you have, because it is difficult to recover in a traditional environment. We all want to age with a good quality of life, and Sanki is a great opportunity to achieve this. Make today count!”.

Linda Gutiérrez

Linda Gutiérrez from Puebla, Puebla. “Some of us come from comfort, some from discomfort, but what ultimately brings us together is a purpose and a dream, which is to improve our lives. Sanki I love it because it’s a family business where you can find the economic security you need”.

Sandra Rojas

Sandra Rojas from Morelia, Michoacán. “I dreamed of having a sufficient income to give back to my parents, and Sanki was the best decision I made. Always remember that we all have the same opportunity to achieve our goals in life”.

Martín Fernández

Martín Fernandez from Zacacuautla, Puebla. “It’s sad to see how you work in a job, you meet a schedule, you have permits, and you are not free with your time. Now, that has changed. The income I receive in Sanki is much better than before; in eight months, I have earned what would have taken


Liliana Vega, Colombia. “My life before Sanki didn’t have a purpose. Now I have one in life. I am focused on doing my best, and it motivates me to help people believe in themselves. We make our mission come true”.

Emilia Arroyo

Emilia Arroyo from Morelia, Michoacán. “We must be convinced of what we want, focus on it, and move on. When you are consistent, the way opens immediately. My key to success is setting my personal goals and those of my team”.

Francisco Salas

Francisco Salas from San Luis Potosí, SLP. “A human being is capable of creating anything that he can imagine. Business owners have gotten to the position they now occupy because they have developed the ability of creative imagination”.

Grisel Bonilla

Grisel Bonilla from Atizapán de Zaragoza, Estado de México. “In the wealth mindset, there are always going to be opportunities, options, and many positive things. When we can’t make something happen, we are not believing enough”.

Juan Pablo Rojas

Juan Pablo Rojas from Zacapoaxtla, Puebla.  “When you feel like you can’t anymore, it’s when you have to take more strength and say it’s best to get out of your comfort zone. Sanki is a great opportunity to transform your life and that of others”.

Dra. Vicky Bañuelos

Dra. Vicky Bañuelos from Zacatecas, Zacatecas. “Since I learned about Sanki nano-biotechnology, there has been a change in the way we help patients. Today I can say that my role as a doctor is being fulfilled with ethics and professionalism, given the scientific research that this company supports”.

Dr. William Rosero

Dr. William Rosero from Bogotá, Colombia. Diamond Leader “Something I learned from life is to dream and project your dreams. The only risk that exists is that they come true. Dare to face the challenges; this will give you great satisfaction”.

Alberto Rodríguez

Alberto Rodríguez,  Barranquilla, Colombia. “I am very grateful to this company, a very humane company that will transcend time and have no limits. I am sure that if you follow this path with Sanki, you will be the best version of yourself”.


Cesar Luis Undiano from Santa Lucía del Camino, Oaxaca. “There is only one word that keeps you from achieving something and getting what you want to achieve: decision. There are no shortcuts. Everything is up to you. Make up your mind!”

Concepción Trujillo

Concepción Trujillo from Múgica, Michoacán. “You have to never stop dreaming. We all have great potential. You can achieve it if you decide to. Don’t give up, go ahead, and take the helm… you set the limits”. 

Mayerlin Barrera

Mayerlin Barranquilla Barrier, Col.  “Sanki has helped me get ahead of my financial difficulties and this has made a big change in my life. Currently I own my own business and my time, I have time to be with my family, at the same time to generate financial income every week, what is your purpose

Mariluz Zarzar

Mariluz Zarzar from Torreón, Coahuila. “Sanki allows me to take the business wherever I go. I love to travel and this company has allowed me to do so, as it has given me the resources I need.  I make my day count when I’m training my Distributors, sharing and talking about their successes, I really

Maribel Zarzar

Maribel Zarzar from Torreón, Coahuila.  “Sanki is a company that has offered me economic and personal growth. It is a pleasure to share with you that this company has given me the opportunity to meet my needs and those of my family. I invite you to share and develop this great opportunity to achieve your

Rosario Montoya

Rosario Montoya from Torreón, Coahuila.  Platinum Leader “I have led a learning process in Sanki as I have been able to manage my time, while earning financial income, this has allowed me to have time with my family. Sanki has represented for me a process of transformation in all aspects, especially in economics and in

María Méndez

María Méndez from Boca del Río, Veracruz.  “Being part of advanced technology with Japanese partners and inspiring leaders is truly motivating. I invite you to join Sanki to be part of a large family, a movement that impacts the lives of many people in Mexico and the world”.

Karen Mayorquin

“At Sanki, me and my team grow and move forward together. One of my plan is to train leaders; I look at people’s gifts and talents and I love to see them shine”.

Ruth Ann

Our Gold leader Ruth Ann’s recipe to success is to constantly push herself higher and harder until she reaches her goals.

María Del Carmen Burgos

María Del Carmen Burgos, Puebla, Puebla. “Sometimes breaking paradigms is not easy, but when you are hungry to learn, to grow, to fulfill your dreams, you just let yourself be guided. The same is as true for a young person with degrees as for an adult with experience ”.

Isabel Galván

Isabel Galván, Mexico City. “Today I can tell you that I am happy, I am in an experienced, serious company, with values, with principles, with a great future, and with a truly inspiring mission. I am standing on fertile ground”.

José Carlos Rivero

José Carlos Rivero,  León, Guanajuato. “Sanki is for visionaries, for those who seek the best versions of themselves, and that can lead to a life of excellence. That is why I am, and will continue to be, in Sanki, because it has helped me to be the best version of myself”.


Diana Uribe, Colombia. “If your primary concern is the financial factor, take on the task of knowing that the money comes as an addition to the actions you take to meet that goal. So set a clear goal for yourself, a dream that keeps you up late. It’s worth it because you deserve it!”


Julie Beleño, Colombia. “Everyone asked me how I have achieved my goals in Sanki in such a short time. I’m convinced that through discipline and focus, you can find success in life. Be the change you want to see in the world!”


Yineth Payares, Colombia. “Sanki transformed me in all aspects and has made me an empowered, strong woman capable of doing many things, including changing my lifestyle. It is worth believing and taking a risk. I am sure that this company will also change your life ”.

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