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2 October, 2020 LUZ DARY MORA


Luz Dary Mora, Colombia. “The results motivated me to be part of Sanki and thus take it to a professional level. Knowing that I could help more women toward entrepreneurship, to empower themselves, and to generate additional income is motivating. Every day is an opportunity to fulfill our purpose in life ”.

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1 October, 2020 HANNIA QUIJANO


Hannia Quijano from Monterrey, N.L. “Every day I share information about Sanki, and every day I communicate with my Distributors and Clients, to see how I can  better serve, and every day I have worked throughout these 10 years at Sanki counts. It inspires and motivates me to continue being an element of change”.

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1 October, 2020 Rosario Montoya

Rosario Montoya

Rosario Montoya from Torreón, Coahuila.  Platinum Leader “I have led a learning process in Sanki as I have been able to manage my time, while earning financial income, this has allowed me to have time with my family. Sanki has represented for me a process of transformation in all aspects, especially in economics and in […]

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