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INTESTINAL MICROBIOTA The intestinal microbiota is a group of microorganisms that live in our intestine. Every person has a unique microbiota, which fulfills the same physiological functions, directly impacting our health. The intestinal microbiota contributes to the production of fatty acids, vitamin K, vitamin D, calcium, iron, and magnesium. MICROBIOTA´S FUNCTIONS ARE Helping the body […]

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3 December, 2020 HEALTHY SNACKS


If your work prevents you from eating on time and in a healthy way, we have a solution! We share these nutritious and practical options that you can take with you everywhere to eat healthy. A healthy diet is essential, not only for weight, health, or disease prevention but also in terms of productivity, motivation, […]

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3 December, 2020 CHRONOBIOLOGY


Have breakfast, lunch, and dinner with Sanki™ products through our “Kronowellness System”.  What is the “Kronowellness System”? The Kronowellness System is inspired by Chronobiology’s science, which studies the effects of the earth’s rotation cycle on the organism. The biological clock of human beings is defined by the periods of light and darkness on Earth. It’s […]

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AVOID DECALCIFICATION The delicious flavor of Inner7™ is so versatile that you can accompany it with sweet, sour, or salty fruit juices, chopped seasonal fruit, flavored water, soup, or stews. The consumption of this product helps you balance your body while achieving amazing effects on your bones, avoiding decalcification, and improving blood circulation. ELIMINATE THE […]

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3 December, 2020 Why Take Sanki?

Why Take Sanki?

Sanki products feature advanced Japanese nutritional technology focused on understanding the causes of metabolic diseases such as chronic inflammation and disruption of the gut microbiota. We focus on the origin of the problem and not the disease. One of the most extraordinary ailments facing the world today is obesity and Metabolic Syndrome. Today it affects […]

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3 December, 2020 Imagine Living 100 Years!

Imagine Living 100 Years!

Why are there people who live more than 100 years? What is their secret? Especially on the island of Okinawa, Japan has large numbers of people living healthy lives for over 100 years. These centenarians have a history of aging slowly and often escape chronic diseases of old age, including dementia, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. […]

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