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8 December, 2020 JAPAN AND ITS LIFESTYLE  (Centenarians)


Japan is a fascinating country. Its lifestyle is based on a set of simplified elements to a very different group of cultural aspects in contrast to the western world. Their food, clothing, education, customs, even their health, are fascinating; all this results in their quality of lifestyle.

An example of this is the Centenarians of the island of Okinawa, an island located towards the south of the Southern Archipelago of the Japanese territory, that registers the largest concentration of older adults globally, with a lifespan of more than 100 years old. 

In this place, older adults not only enjoy the longest life expectancy on the planet but, also, they also live in excellent health.

Okinawan Centenarians follow a traditional diet, such as frequent fish, vegetables, fruit, and vegetables, in abundance. All of this is accompanied by green or black tea. They avoid milk and sugar, and they also drink a lot of water with turmeric, one of their favorite spices for seasoning meals or drinking.

In addition to their diet, they tend to enjoy the sun a lot and spend their time very actively: they walk. They are doing a lot of indoor and outdoor activities like sitting and standing dozens of times a day, which contributes to their physical flexibility and strength.

One way of life that makes them feel well is that the vast majority are part of a Moai. That is, they form groups of friends who meet and provide mutual help. They are emotional support groups that contribute to feeling accepted, valuable and safe when facing adversity.

Moderation is a behavior adopted in their lifestyle. It is one of the keys that keep them in balance and something that we could very well adopt into our lifestyles.

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