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3 December, 2020 Why Take Sanki?

Why Take Sanki?

Sanki products feature advanced Japanese nutritional technology focused on understanding the causes of metabolic diseases such as chronic inflammation and disruption of the gut microbiota. We focus on the origin of the problem and not the disease.

One of the most extraordinary ailments facing the world today is obesity and Metabolic Syndrome.

Today it affects 10% of men and 14% of women, according to statistics from the World Health Organization.

Did you know that Japan has the lowest percentage of obesity in the world?

  • Some people are over 100 years old, and most of them do not suffer from chronic degenerative diseases. They enjoy abundant natural energy and maintain excellent physical activity.
  • Japanese longevity is in your intestines.
  • And in older adults in America… why is there more disease than healthy longevity?
  • Most people do not have the correct microbiota in their intestines.
  • By fermenting food, the Japanese produce a variety of metabolites that, on average, are not produced in people in America but are essential for good health.

The number of children, young people, and adults who live day-by-day with various conditions is increasing. The body’s problem is that by having such a stressful life and adding stress, the body’s ability to self-regulate and manage metabolism decreases.

All chronic-degenerative disease originates with the metabolic syndrome, and all metabolic syndromes cause mitochondrial damage.

“If we bring a solution to this metabolic problem, the body can regenerate itself and no longer needs any help”. Dr. Bejit Edeas, Scientific Director of Sanki Mayor.


Sanki Global is the first company to launch a technology focused on longevity thanks to its association with Sanki Mayor. This laboratory has studied the “centenarians” of the island of Okinawa in Japan more than 40 years ago, specialized in Nano-biotechnology, Nutrigenomics, Metabolites, In-vivo clinical tests, and Fermentation.


They are compounds that are produced by bacteria due to fermentation in the intestines. Food that is not absorbed in the intestines is fermented by bacteria that live in the intestines. The product of this fermentation is metabolites.

Sanki™ obtains the metabolites of our products with natural ingredients.


We are one of the few companies in the world with its farms to guarantee the reliability, safety, and high quality of active ingredients.

Control from sowing, cultivation, and extraction up to the final consumer.

Sanki develops products with advanced Nano-biotechnology in cellular nutrition. Each of our products contains nanospheres that serve to ensure the timely release of our ingredients, control the release in specific sites, avoid the destruction of these by environmental oxidation and gastric acids, managing to work inside cells and mitochondria.

The best thing about feeling healthy is when we enjoy health and wellness. Our Intelligent Force vibrates and expresses itself to the fullest!