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3 December, 2020 Imagine Living 100 Years!

Imagine Living 100 Years!

Why are there people who live more than 100 years? What is their secret?

Especially on the island of Okinawa, Japan has large numbers of people living healthy lives for over 100 years.

These centenarians have a history of aging slowly and often escape chronic diseases of old age, including dementia, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.

Some might think it is genetics, but many scientists believe that up to 70% of health and longevity come from non-genetic factors.

In other words, Japanese centenarians have made decisions that allow them to age slowly and have abundant natural energy throughout their lives.

Sanki Mayor™

Sanki Mayor™ scientists discovered that one of the most important secrets of healthy Japanese life.

For more than four decades, a team of Sanki Mayor™ scientists in Japan and France has been dedicated to helping others experience health similar to Japan’s centenarians. They discovered that one of the most important secrets of healthy Japanese life begins in the stomach and intestines. A healthy intestine and digestive system are necessary because they provide essential nutrients that help you stay healthy, age slower, and live with energy.

Suppose stomach digestion is damaged by a bad diet, antibiotics, alcohol, sugar or “bad” fats. In that case, that could cause deterioration of the brain, affect sleep, and even our state of well-being.

Sanki Mayor™ products contain extracts of olive leaf, rosemary, black beans, green tea, and cacao.

Starting with our intestines, the ingredients in Sanki™ products have been shown to support our intestinal health positively. These circulate throughout the body, targeting trillions of mitochondria to nourish them with microscopic ingredients or nanoparticles responsible for a healthy metabolism.

Sanki Mayor™ products: BelAge™, Kronuit Fire™, Inner7™ and Hasaki™, contain extracts of olive leaf, rosemary, black beans, green tea, and cacao, in addition to bioavailable natural minerals that the body can easily recognize and absorb.


Sanki Mayor™ produces rosemary, olive, and green tea leaves on its farms to control the process from planting to packaging.

After harvest, the ingredients are carefully cleaned in alcohol to remove natural and environmental toxins, ensuring that the nutrients are protected. Subsequently, the Sanki Mayor™ laboratory mixes a special combination of bacterial strains with natural ingredients to start the fermentation process and identify which bacterial strains to use.

The Sanki Mayor™ fermentation process

The paste is carefully processed to remove the liquid before passing to the final stage of purification and stabilization. In the last step, all traces of alcohol in the metabolites are removed. Like the process of a healthy digestive system, all bacteria are destroyed after developing the desired metabolites. The end result is a highly concentrated powder of potent metabolites instantly recognized by the intestine and positively and immediately affects the body.


Each serving of Sanki Mayor™ products delivers a quadrillion metabolism-boosting metabolites, recognized by the 100 million neurons in the gut, which instantly send a message to the brain, which initiates a whole-body process called geodetics expression. It activates trillions of energy-generating mitochondria throughout the body to produce their powerful natural antioxidants that cleanse and care given to our body at the cellular level.

More than 70% of our immunity begins in the intestines. The results of Sanki™ products on the body are not only felt, they are also instantly visible.

It is time to live life to the fullest with a fully functioning body. Sanki Mayor™ has shown that it is possible to experience a better quality of life.

Living 100 years and having a healthy life is not just for Japan’s centenarians. With our revolutionary products, you can look better, feel better, and live longer.

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