Machiko Ikeoka - Sanki Global
27 April, 2020 Machiko Ikeoka

Machiko Ikeoka

Last Samurai woman

The Seven Virtues of the Bushido Code have been passed down from generation to generation since 1516, and Machiko Ikeoka, loyal to his Japanese origin, is governed by this Code.

Machiko, known in Japan as the last Samurai woman, decked out her presence at one of the most important events of Sanki Global™, a Mexican company of cellular nutrition products with Japanese technology.

During the event, she recognized the heroism of the Mexican “anonymous rescuers” in the face of the September earthquakes in Mexico: “In Japan we constantly live under the risk of earthquakes and other natural disasters, which has led us to develop a mentality similar to that demonstrated by the people of Mexico; you have embodied the 7 virtues of Bushido: integrity, respect, courage, honor, compassion, honesty and loyalty. “

At the event, Ing.  Alejandro Lopez Tello, president of Sanki Global™, expressed that in September “with the stones of the ruins, Mexican people have gone out to build another country. We go out to help without expecting anything in return; in Mexico, 50 seconds were necessary to remember who we are ”. 

Sanki™ finds its foundation in integrity, respect, compassion, loyalty and the oriental lifestyle, in service to others, since it firmly believes in humanity, its importance in turning the world into a place of healthy people and glad that they deliver wisdom, understanding that sustainable happiness is essential to have a long and healthy life.