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27 April, 2020 LUIS ÁLVAREZ


Runner, swimmer, cyclist, and climber with a World Record in Ironman.

Luis Álvarez is the only Mexican triathlete to participate in all the World Ironman races. As of now, he has participated in 156 Ironman races, and has traveled the world, triumphing with the greats, leaving his mark in several countries; he is an example of excellence, passion, and commitment.

Definitely, this athlete and climber is an integrated human being whom many admire, and his physical and mental fortitude have gotten him to where he is. His intelligent strength  consists of perseverance and being part of something beyond his dreams.

With 23 consecutive years running, Luis Álvarez has climbed the seven highest peaks in the world, including Mount Everest. His latest challenge consisted of doing two Ironman races in one weekend in Maryland.

It has not been easy for him to reach his goal. It has all been based on commitment, consistency, and internal balance.

“I get my strength and energy back every morning. Belage and Inner7 have been fundamental to meet each challenge. This last one was to finish two Ironman races in 36 hours, driving 1, 200 km between them.”If you want it, you can get it! Just give your body the opportunity to nourish your internal energy and get where you want to go.