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27 April, 2020 Ai Futaki

Ai Futaki

Japanese Free Diver

Ai Futaki is a Japanese free diver recognized throughout the world, whose name is written in the Guiness World Record books as the first woman in the world to swim the longest distance in a cave while holding her breath, to swim 100 meters with flippers, or to be the first human in history to swim 90 meters in a cave without flippers.

Her major inspiration is to transmit her message of creating a bridge between the human world and the undersea world.

Her philosophy of life is based on an impulse to accomplish things, face your fears, and have the power to succeed in what one proposes, because, as she says: “Nothing that is worthwhile can be done from one day to the next.”

She knows that the connection to nature is in each and every one of us.

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