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Can you imagine having the opportunity to be part of the health and well-being of another person? Now you have power in your hands!

Inspired by social responsibility, Sanki™ invites you to be part of BelAge For Two.

For each box you buy, Sanki™ will give BelAge™ to other people as a result of the purchases made.

With BelAge For Two you also give another person the opportunity to have a microscanner test and nutrition counseling.

The product will be offered through the Sanki Lounges, Sanki Stations, or events held by the company.

SANKI GLOBAL donates $ 1 million in product to the most vulnerable groups in Mexico.

Sanki Global, # 1 Japanese technology company in Mexico, created a social responsibility project called BelAge for Two, which is inspired to support the most vulnerable groups in the country through civil society organizations by sharing well-being, health and satisfaction of taking an action that will benefit others in a positive way by donating unique cellular nutrition products that, with their consumption, will boost the strengthening of the immune system, among many other benefits in people’s quality of life.

Given the recent events of a health emergency, we are inspired to help in the face of the tragedy that this has caused in many families worldwide. We understand how difficult this is being for the vast majority of Mexicans and we want to promote the protection of the health of those groups, which due to their characteristics make them the most vulnerable groups to the spread of the virus. We have joined efforts to donate five hundred thousand doses of Belage with Orisod Enzyme V, technology developed directly in Japan, with a value of more than a million dollars so that they can be channeled to these groups that need it most.

This product is an antioxidant food supplement available in the Mexican market for more than 10 years, duly authorized for consumption before COFEPRIS. Its main benefits are: reduce chronic inflammation, improve blood circulation, activate the body’s natural antioxidants and strengthen the immune system, in addition to having different certifications and national and international guarantees. Its benefits have been verified by the thousands of Distributors, Clients and Doctors in our same community.

We are ready to start this donation day and be the shield of those who need it most. With emotional images, from our warehouse, we want you to be part of this great project that inspires and motivates us to continue connecting more hearts.

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