Unprecedented Benefits

Knowing that much of our fat absorption takes place at night, our scientists designed an all-natural product for evening use.

Kronuit™ features the formula Oxylia NR® that was developed in our Japanese laboratory, which reduces the absorption of sugar and carbohydrates that cause the accumulation of fat. Like BelAge™, Kronuit™ uses Nano-biotechnology ADS™, to penetrate the cells of the body.

Mother Nature

The black bean is known to be an ingredient of natural origin that helps the metabolism. It’s packed with flavonoids and fiber. Together, these ingredients provide the body the optimum utilization of fats and sugars consumed, thanks to its polyphenols such as the anthocyanins and proantocianinas.


Oxylia Night Reset

OXYLIA® is a natural diet supplement with an active efficiency on weight control made from the polyphenols of black beans, in combination with Rosemary and Olive extract. Specially designed to be consumed in the evening when the absorption of fats increases.