Kronuit: Supporting Weight Management

Over the past century the quality of our diet has declined dramatically, resulting in a massive increase in obesity and an epidemic of degenerative diseases. Sugar in the form of glucose is essential to our bodies, but in excess it turns into fat. When our metabolism slows down, insulin production increases and we start putting on weight. Kronuit is an all-natural diet supplement made from the polyphenols of black beans in combination with rosemary and olive extracts.


Reduce the Accumulation of Fat

Knowing that much of our fat absorption takes place at night, the scientists of Sanki Mayor designed this all-natural product for evening use. It reduces the absorption of sugar and carbohydrates in the stomach that would otherwise enter the bloodstream and cause the accumulation of unnecessary body fat. Kronuit is a powerful tool for digestive health and a healthy metabolism. Weight management is a natural result. Kronuit is meant for healthy and overweight consumers because it helps protect the body from toxins and naturally heal itself. Kronuit is easy to take and is delicious. Kronuit can be taken hot or cold. Just open the packet, pour in hot water, stir, and drink it like a tea.

Kronuit Label

In short, Kronuit can:

  • Reduce sugar and carbohydrate absorption in the stomach.
  • Support weight management by reducing the accumulation of fat.
  • Reduce stomach inflammation.
  • Provide balance within the body by amplifying its ability to heal itself.

Sanki Science

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